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Jason是Princeton毕业生,当年以SAT 2380的高分获得录取。毕业有有多年的SAT培训经验,倾囊相授SAT高分经验,帮助众多学生获得高分。

Jason is a recent Princeton graduate with extensive tutoring experience in the SATs as well as AP-level English. He has also served as an ESL teacher, driving coach and swimming instructor. A dedicated leader who is truly invested in his students’ development both in and out of the classroom, Jason understands the value of trust and engagement to a productive learning environment.

Outside of his academic and professional endeavors, Jason is an avid fan of basketball and sports analytics. He is also an amateur writer with keen interests in psychology, business, and culture. Finally, his international orientation includes studying abroad in Australia and a year of work experience in Mainland China.

Testing history:
SAT I Math - 800
SAT I Verbal - 800
SAT I Writing – 780
SAT II Math 2C – 800
SAT II US History – 770
SAT II Literature - 770
AP Language and Composition – 5
AP Literature and Composition – 5



My teaching experience stems primarily from the following two professional endeavors: an internship managing a branch for IvyInsiders that focused on the SAT I exam and part-time ESL instruction for an international CRO at which I also held a full-time position. I also tutored privately on a number of occasions while studying at Princeton - relevant topics included the verbal and writing sections of the SAT I exam, college essay composition, middle school English, and AP level English.


My classroom students improved by an average of 120 points per subject, from 590 to 710. (Please be advised I was unable to filter the numbers by subject; in addition, these figures include classroom courses taught by a tutor I hired.) I also provided one-on-one tutoring sessions for 2 additional students, focusing on the SAT I verbal and writing sections; their scores grew by an average of 130 points per subject, from 630 to 760. Notable schools attended by my students include UPenn, NYU Stern, and Georgetown.


Whether teaching a classroom or tutoring one-on-one sessions, I learned that connecting with and engaging your students is of utmost important. IvyInsiders provided a curriculum that encouraged participation and fostered a "beat-the-test" mentality that many of my students appreciated. On top of that, I frequently tried to apply the strategies I taught to relatable, everyday scenarios, sprinkling in some humor where I could. During my one-on-one tutoring sessions, I would allow my students to apply newly-learned reading comprehension techniques to magazine articles they were interested in. This was especially effective when I later tutored AP level English and college essay composition.

As a teacher, I believe my personality and ability to engage students is what sets me apart. As a marketing professional at GENEWIZ, I had the opportunity to structure and teach an ESL class for the Chinese employees. I applied much of what I learned from my previous experience to constructing this course: for example, to help improve my students' oral English, I focused on interesting (and sometimes controversial) video content to drive interest and facilitate discussion. In addition, I scheduled occasional field trips (for Chinese trainees in the USA) to provide more interesting environments for them to practice their skills.

In conclusion, I have experienced firsthand the importance of establishing trust and encouraging engagement to effective teaching. Even as a student, I gained an avid appreciation for the teachers that made me truly care about the topics they taught. Here, I'd like to invoke one of my favorite quotes: "Is it what the teacher teaches, or what the student learns?" In order to align the two, both parties must be on the same page.


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